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As Winter fades to Spring. The Little Cloth Merchant feels a change in the air and senses there is more she must do. What what could it be?

The Little Cloth Merchant is a e-commerce shop based in Sydney, Australia where you’ll find a collection of beautiful products in quality made to last. All thoughtfully crafted with passion by skilled artists and designers. We’ve handpicked each and everyone with care. 

So welcome, enter The Little Cloth Merchant and treat yourself or the ones you love. 

Please enjoy my offerings, from my heart to yours, 

See ya. Michelle  



Who is the The Little Cloth Merchant?
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Queensland College of Art. 
Specialties: art, doll maker, design, imaging, illustrating, lighting, photography, retail, sales, administration, teamwork. 
"Little did I know my creative environment awakened the vision to start my own e-commerce business. I am so grateful to be sharing my journey with you. “
In my spare time, I love to grab hold of my Yashica A -  I find appreciating nature, God's handiwork, is very therapeutic. Even driving along, a quick glance at trees is such a relief from the drudgery of human construction. 
All Artwork & Drawings by The Little Cloth Merchant: Michelle Timotin