A good design is a sustainable design - Imran Amed

As summer rolls around, people start to incorporate more linen pieces into their outfits. This feels like a great opportunity to talk about how awesome linen is and why you should be opting for it more! Linen is the oldest textile around, so it’s not surprising that it’s also one of the more sustainable textiles available today. The fabric is made from the flax plant (yes, like the seed) and has a rich and interesting history. 
The flax plant is very adaptable. This means it can grow in various climates, minimising the carbon footprint created by shipping in or out. To make matters even better, flax doesn’t need a lot of chemicals to produce a healthy crop. It also doesn’t require an external irrigation system. Rainwater is enough to let the crop grow and thrive enough to be harvested and turned into fabric. 
Linen is relatively energy efficient. About 80% of its water and energy is used to wash and iron the finished garment. Only a mere 20% of its energy comes from growing and making the actual fabric. This says a lot more about today’s clothing industry than linen itself! Developing more standardised garment washing and ironing methods is key to reducing fashion’s overall negative impact on the environment.
It's time to wear more linen. 



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